Customs and border clearance

Clearance is absolutely necessary for customs-relevant flights and non-Schengen flights for entry and exit.

Please ensure that you register in good time and check additional information below.

The travelers themselves are responsible for correct reporting and handling of procedures for border crossing. With the information provided here, we intend to support your plannings.

Customs relevant flight

  • A declaration to customs is mandatory for traveling from outside the customs union (customs territory) or leaving it.
  • Please check information on the customs territory provided by german authorities.
  • Lead time for customs-declaration is at least 2 hours.

Non-Schengen flight

  • The application for a Non-Schengen-Flight is mandatory for travelling from outside the Schengen-states or leaving the Schengen-states.
  • Please check the information on the Schengen Agreement provided by the Federal Foreign Office.
  • The application deadline for non-Schengen-flights is at least 24 hours on working days during normal office hours. For flights at the weekend, we recommend declaration before Friday 11:00 clock.
  • Please note that the individual border permit has been subject to a fee since 2022. In addition to a sum of 78.10 euros for the issuance of a border permit, costs for the transport of police forces or guards will also be charged (65.00 euros per hour or part thereof and per officer involved).
  • Please also note that the border permit is usually issued by the border police for business purposes only.